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Case of the Week

“Doc” a 6 ½ year old Golden Retriever came to our hospital due to weeks of feeling unwell and losing weight. “Doc’s” regular veterinarian had diagnosed him with elevated blood calcium.

An abdominal ultrasound was performed and mild lymphadenopathy found, however, pleural effusion was noted. Thoracic radiographs and non cardiac thoracic ultrasound were the next step……

Abdominal ultrasound also revealed evidence of kidney damage from calcium deposition due to Doc’s high blood calcium level

Chest radiograph findings:

A large soft tissue opacity mass in the cranial mediastinum Pleural effusion

Ultrasound of the chest:

a large(11x 11cm) cranial mediastinal mass is noted and sampled with ultrasound guidance
Preliminary evaluation of samples obtained suggest cancer called lymphom

“Doc’s” owners elected to start chemotherapy, and medications were administered here in the hospital and some were sent home. “Doc” returned for a recheck and continued chemotherapy 5 days later. Chest radiographs were again performed.

Recheck chest radiograph findings:

Marked reduction in the size of the cranial mediastinal mass
Resolved pleural effusion