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The head of the radiology department is Dr. Sarah Tibbs, a board certified radiologist. Our radiology department’s goal is to provide advanced diagnostic imaging for patients seen internally, as well as outpatients. Outpatient radiology appointments for ultrasound, special radiographic studies/fluoroscopy, or CT scans are scheduled following recommendations from your primary care veterinarian or another Dogs and Cats department. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, and oftentimes can be arranged on the same day if necessary.



Radiograph interpretation is an additional service we provide for primary care veterinarians; anytime you have a difficult case or want a second opinion. You can also submit all of your cases for review by a specialist to elevate the level of care you provide (volume discount rates will apply). Submit radiographs either in conventional or digital format. Conventional films can be dropped off (by hospital staff or clients) or sent in the mail (for urgent cases, you can take a digital photo on a view box and submit as Jpeg’s via e-mail for an initial interpretation, and follow with submission of hard copy films). For digital radiographs, please use our teleradiology service provided through DVM Insight. (If you already have an account you may click here or login below.) Reports will be generated within 24 hours of receipt and phone consultation is always available.

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Outpatient Imaging

Outpatient imaging is when your primary care veterinarian recommends that advanced imaging be performed and they retain case responsibility. This means that the imaging is performed at DCVR and then your pet returns to your regular veterinarian for continued care. Ultrasound, fluoroscopy, special radiographic procedures, and computed tomography can be provided as outpatient services.

Referring Veterinarians please note: Outpatient imaging works best for stable patients who need advanced imaging to further evaluate their condition. If the patient is not stable, please contact the radiology department and we can advise on the best department to see your patient. Please send history, radiographs, and bloodwork. If patients are to have contrast media administered intravenously or have anesthesia, then bloodwork and urinalysis within the two weeks prior to the procedure must be available, or can be performed at Dogs and Cats on site if needed.

Here are some case examples for different imaging modalities:

ULTRASOUND (abdomen, non-cardiac thoracic, musculoskeletal, other)

  • Suspect a thoracic or abdominal mass
  • Bladder evaluation for stones/cancer
  • Adrenal gland evaluation
  • Portosystemic shunts
  • Evaluate neck masses


  • Collapsing trachea
  • Dysphagia/regurgitation
  • Ureters and urethral evaluation
  • Cystography


  • Thoracic metastasis
  • Ear and nasal disease
  • Ectopic ureters
  • Portosystemic shunts


Consultation regarding appropriateness of outpatient service is available; simply call 301-809-8800 and ask for Radiology.


1) Call or use the form below to schedule an appointment.

2) Bring any xray films or digital xrays on CD with you.

3) Do not feed on the morning of the appointment:

a) Medications can be given on schedule with a small amount of food

b) Diabetic patients- please call ahead for specific instructions

4) When you arrive, Dr. Tibbs will speak with you about your pet before any procedures begin.

5) You will get results at the end of the procedure, and Dr. Tibbs will call your veterinarian to discuss the results of the testing and any recommendations. A written report (and a digital copy of certain studies) will be provided.

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*The Radiology staff will contact you to schedule the appointment*

(you may also call 301-809-8800 to schedule an appointment)