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The surgery department is proud to welcome Dr. Steve Garnett!

Our surgical staff is experienced and extensively trained to provide your pet with the highest level of expertise available.


Consultations with Dr. Garnett are available to referring veterinarians to discuss your pet’s situation and therapeutic options.  When specialized surgery is necessary, your veterinarian may refer you and your pet to DCVR.  At the time of your pet’s consultation, a review of your pet’s medical history and a thorough physical examination will be performed.  Dr. Garnett will discuss the diagnosis, the prognosis, necessary diagnostic tests, all surgical and non-surgical treatment options and an estimate of all costs. We are in close communication with referring veterinarians from the time of the initial consultation through the postoperative recovery.

What to expect on the day of your appointment:

Please do not feed your pet after midnight the evening prior to your appointment, even if you do not think surgery will be performed the day of your appointment.  Many diagnostic tests (bloodwork, ultrasound, radiographs) require your pet to be fasted to obtain the most accurate results.  Your pet may be allowed access to water until the morning of your appointment. For diabetic patients, please contact us for further instructions.

our surgery technicians

our surgery technicians

When you arrive at DCVR you will be greeted by our receptionists.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to you scheduled appointment to allow ample time to fill out paperwork (New Client information form may also be downloaded here).  After paperwork is complete and data entered into the computer, one of the surgery technicians will escort you to a consultation room where a complete history will be obtained, including any past illnesses, history of current problem and current medications (including doses and last time of administration).

After a complete history is recorded, we commonly ask to bring your pet to the examination area where Dr. Garnett will examine your pet and formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan.  He will then discuss your pet’s condition and a plan with you, including an estimate of costs.  We encourage you to ask questions during this time, as we want you to be comfortable with the condition of your pet and what to expect during and after surgery.

If surgery and/or hospitalization are recommended, you will then be asked to sign treatment authorization forms and leave a deposit with our receptionists at the front desk to admit your pet to the hospital.  Forms of payment accepted at DCVR include cash, check, credit cards (we do not accept AMEX) and Care Credit.  If you plan to use Care Credit, it may be helpful to contact Care Credit prior to your arrival to the hospital ( or (800) 677-0718).

Once your pet is admitted to the hospital, planned diagnostics (bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound, etc.) are performed prior to surgery.  Assuming your pet is having surgery, he/she will then be anesthetized and prepared for surgery.

Dr. Garnett will contact you following surgery, after your pet has recovered from anesthesia.  Findings from surgery, current condition and a postoperative plan are generally discussed at this time.

While your pet is hospitalized, daily doctor updates will be provided to you regarding his/her progress, and you are welcome to call at any time, day or night, for an update provided by a technician. Visiting hours for hospitalized patients are from 12pm-8pm, but we ask that you call ahead and let us know when you would like to come in so we can make sure it is an appropriate time with regards to your pet’s treatment schedule and overall condition.  At your discharge appointment, we will thoroughly explain the recovery process and let you know what to expect as you care for your pet at home. Our involvement in your pet’s post-operative recovery continues following discharge with telephone inquiries and reminders.