Due to the increased demand on our Emergency Department, and our extended wait times, DCES implemented an online/mobile check-in for all walk-in and Emergency services. This check-in and registration method allows our hospital to ensure that our patients needing the most urgent care are prioritized first and that our clients and patients with less critical needs can wait in the comfort of their homes, rather than in cars or in our hospital. As always, we strive to keep you updated on wait times and will continue to provide communication to clients with pets in our care through phone calls and two-way texting capabilities.

Text the keyword DCVR to the number 34947 to check-in via mobile, or from a computer, click the button below.






What happens if I opt-out of receiving text messages?

If you opt-out of text messaging, registration form link and automated messages will be sent to the email address provided. You will need to watch your email for alerts to come to the hospital.

What if I decide I no longer want/need to have my pet seen?

Reply "9" to cancel your check-in spot or call the hospital and let us know so we can remove your pet from our waiting queue.

Do you take patients in the order they are checked in? 

Once you check-in, we triage your pet based on the symptoms you provide. We will see patients in the order they are checked in, so long as another patient is not more critical.