Internal Medicine FAQ

Does my pet need to be fasted for every appointment?

For new patient appointments, we prefer your pet be fasted because of various testing that may need to be performed (ultrasound, certain blood work), as well as varying procedures requiring sedation and/or anesthesia. Most regular recheck appointments do not require fasting unless told otherwise. Recheck appointments that will require fasting include those where sedation or specific blood tests are going to be performed. For chemotherapy appointments, fasting is only required when sedation or an ultrasound are needed.

My pet is diabetic. Should he/she still be fasted?

Each specialist has their own specific requirements based on the type of appointment and/or testing to be performed. If you have an appointment scheduled, and are unsure about whether to fast your pet or not, please call our office and ask to speak to an internal medicine technician who can answer the question for you.

What is the difference between a technician appointment and a regular appointment? Will I be charged for a technician appointment?

A technician appointment is a short appointment, usually for quick testing such as blood draws and injections. At these appointments you will not typically meet with the doctor. If blood tests are performed, you may wait for the results but there is no guarantee the doctor will be able to review them at that moment. Instead, a doctor or technician can call you with results once the doctor has reviewed the results. A regular appointment is a long appointment where you will personally meet with the doctor to discuss patient care plans. At these appointments, procedures and diagnostics may be scheduled and/or performed.

Will my pet’s procedure(s) be done the same day?

We try our best to perform procedures the same day as your appointment. Certain procedures require preparation (such as fasting and enemas for a lower endoscopy/colonoscopy) and cannot be done the same day as your appointment, and therefore must be scheduled for future dates and times. If we are able to perform your pet’s procedure the same day, we will often have you leave for several hours. Once the procedure is finished, we will call and schedule a time for you to pick up your pet and meet with the doctor and/or technician. We understand many of our clients come from greater distances, and we try our best to make the most of your time.

How quickly will results of testing be available?

Many of the diagnostics performed in-house will provide results within a few hours. Other diagnostics that are sent to outside laboratories have varying turnaround times based on the type of test (blood work vs. biopsies) performed. An average time frame for most testing is between 2-5 business days, but some tests may take up to several weeks for results.