Your patients deserve the very best: healthy food, lots of exercise, abundant love, and advanced medical care.  When you partner with Dogs and Cats Emergency & Specialty, you can trust every pet you refer will receive the finest care.  Our hospital offers specialized pet healthcare that aims to maintain a close working relationship with referring veterinarians throughout the diagnosis and treatment of referred patients. 

Additionally, we keep the primary care veterinarian apprised of changes in a patient's condition and treatment plan following an appointment, as well as throughout the course of hospitalization. Our specialists and emergency veterinarians will provide clinical update letters following the admission of the patient to our hospital and will provide a full summary of any visit via email or fax following discharge. Our veterinarians and veterinary specialists are always willing to discuss your patient's care over the phone before, during, or after their visit.

To start seamlessly sharing referral information between our hospitals, please click on the buttons below and follow the instructions. 

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