Welcome to the DCES surgery service page! We offer a variety of treatments and procedures in orthopedics, soft tissue, oncologic, and emergency surgery.  We work closely with your primary veterinarian, in-hospital colleagues, and other local specialists to provide high-quality surgical care to your pet. Excellence in surgery, patient care, and client communication are the foundation of our practice.

Consultation & Examination

  • Your initial consultation will include a thorough history, physical examination, orthopedic or neurological examination where applicable and discussion of your pet’s condition.
  • We will talk about options, risks, and costs associated with our recommendations.
  • We do our best to offer testing and procedures to be performed the same day as the consultation.
  • Following surgery, your pet is treated and monitored closely by our emergency and critical care team in ICU.
  • You are contacted after surgery and regularly while your pet is hospitalized.
  • Once it is determined to be appropriate, your pet is discharged with full written instructions as well as a discharge appointment conversation with a technician to allow time for a proper explanation of what is to be expected once you get your beloved pet back home.

Preparing For Surgery

DCES wants pet owners to know how to prepare their pets for surgery to put all parties at ease throughout the process. To help you prepare, we created a pre-operative/post-surgery checklist for you to review and compiled a list of surgery frequently asked questions.

Megan Mathews,


Dr. Megan Mathews attended the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture for both Animal Science and Biological Science.