The DCES neurology service is headed by Dr. Dharshan Neravanda, a board-certified veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon. The DCES neurology team is specially trained to aid in the diagnosis and management of both congenital and acquired neurological disorders that affect dogs and cats. Conditions such as seizure disorders, acute or chronic gait or coordination issues, or pain resulting from disc herniation can all be very traumatic for pets and their owners. Working together paw-in hand, our neurology team combines expertise with compassionate care to help you and your pet on the road to recovery.

Consultation & Examination

  • Neurology appointments are generally scheduled following a recommendation from your primary care veterinarian or another DCES department. To schedule an appointment today, please contact our customer service representatives.
  • New appointments are available Monday through Friday, including a limited number of same-day referrals. To start the process, please fill out the New Patient Form
  • During your appointment, your pet will receive a full neurologic exam and a thorough review of their medical history. At that point, the neurologist will determine the location of the problem in the nervous system and the suspected causes.
  • If further tests are needed, they will be recommended at that time. Radiography (x-rays), CT scan, MRI, and spinal taps can be performed in-house. 
  • If your pet requires surgery, the surgical procedure will be performed on-site in one of three operating rooms. Learn More
  • After your appointment, our Neurology team will continue to assist you with your pet’s treatment. We are available via phone and e-mail, and will promptly respond to any questions or concerns that you may have.

Reporting A Seizure

If you're a current client and your pet has experienced a seizure, please fill out DCES's Seizure Form to report it.  If you're not a client, please contact us to make an appointment with the neurology department.